Monday, 23 July 2007

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Welcome to my Blog.

I was born sometime around 1969 and I was first registed by the DoT on 1st of August 1969.
My present owner bought me and a couple of pushbikes for £500 in October 1979.

If you didnt know already, I am a VW Beetle, automatic or more correctly semi-automatic or stick-shift. I am Ivory White and my engine is 1500 cc.

Here is my registration document showing change of keeper:

I have just failed my MOT for the first time that I can remember, at least for anything serious.

I needed:
  • welding
  • headlights fixing
  • new tyres
  • windscreen wipers
  • new exhaust pipe
  • Attention to breaks 

So far, Ray my keeper and his son David have replaced the front discs and given me new Hella headlights - although this still hasnt solved the problem of my lights being too 
dim for the road - bloody cheek!  ...and hopefully will do the rest shortly.

Hopefully through this blog I will try and give you some information on my past and keep you updated with what is happening now.