Thursday, 24 June 2010

Don't let the grass grow under your wheels and How many Beetles make five?

Wakey wakey humans!! How are you all? To those in UK-feeling a bit more chirpy now? After last night's football match. Lucky its not like tennis, eh? 69 games each?? What's that all about? Get ready to play the Germans. Yes, of course I will be supporting Germany: I am German.

Anyway, the grass is growing under my wheels. I am parked up on Ray's front lawn. Last night he mowed around me, much to the amusemant of his wife, Pat. You know, Pat, the one that says "I don't know why you don't get rid of him, you have spent a fortune on him already". The 'him' being me! How could she? I taught her how to drive!!

How many Beetles make five? What is that answer? A Beetle, a Beetle, half a Beetle, a Beetle and a Beetle. Is that right? Ray has never understood that one.

No, seriously, how many Beetle Automatics were made and how many are still running? There is a popular forum called that is quite active so there are a few scattered over the globe.

But not many comment here. Ok, if you are shy I won't mind if you get your human owners to comment for you. But it would be good to hear from you and would really make me feel happy inspite of the grass.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

New livery??

Hello everybuddies. How are you enjoying British weather? The Coalition? Whatever. Don't know if you remember but my engine went wrong some time ago due to Dave forgetting to put oil in. Anyway, Dave moved houses a while back and so I had to be moved from his old house to his that's not right. I had to go back to Ray's house. The boys bought a tow rope from Chastillians in Crayford. You should have seen it! It was bright yellow (sort of nylon strands, I suppose) and at each end were these MASSIVE cast hooks (spring loaded no less). It looked like thay could hold a ton or two. Or is that tonne? So on the appointed day the rope was attached to the rear end of the Polo (Dave's got that now and Ray has purchased a nearly new Mazda 626 TS2, very swanky, cruise control and all that! How does he get the time to cruise?) and the other end to my front bumper. What happened to bumpers? In what year did bumpers disappear? I wonder what happened to all the bumper manufacturers?
So off we went. About 200 yards up the road and...big problem. The rope had broken.On closer inspection the rope had just become unattached to the bloody great hook! The boys tied it in a big knot and we set off again. Nearly home and about 500 yards to go the unbreakable rope actually broke. I give up on the Chinese!
Oh, just remembered why I called this post 'New Livery! The boy's latest idea is to, when they get around to renovating me again, is to respray me in my original Ivory white livery and the put a massive great SHAREWORLD logo completely over my bonnet and roof. That would be brilliant, wouldn't it? You know, SHAREWORLD: it is doing really well.