Sunday, 26 October 2008

Beetle Insurance

Hi all. I did promise a while back that I would tell you about car insurance. In particular insuring a Beetle like myself under a vintage/veteran motor policy. Ray insured me sometime ago for less than £100 with Performance Direct. Anyway that time of year has come around again when I need to be insured. Dave is going to insure the Rover mainly because he paid so much for the repairs to it earlier this year.
Ray suggested that they insure me under his name with Dave as named driver. Ray got a quote this morning for about £121. Fully comp, but as Dave only got his full licence just over a year ago the final premium came out at £130. This is limited to 3000 miles a year and a nominal value of £1000. I think the excess is £300. There is no NCB involved in this type of policy.
Most of you Beetle owners with 5 year full licence, no endorsements etc. should be able to get a premum well under £100. (Between you and me, Ray has got a DR and an SP endorsement!)
So the boys would thoroughly recommend Performance Direct for your Beetle insurance.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Home made heater pipes

I notice there have been a few searches for home made heater pipes, where the original equipment is missing. Or in my case nicked!! There are some pics. of my pipes somewhere way back in the blog but they may be hard to find. Yes, I know, you have to read all through my blog, which is difficult for you humans with your strange brains. So here they are again;