Saturday, 31 January 2015

Your main man

Hi, Brian here. Yeah I am still around. That was a big mistake passing the blog over to Ray & Dave. In fact it appears that they are trying to sell me now. I see their point they are setting up a managed hosting business and need loads of cash.
Virtual server? What's that all about? S'pose you go to see it in a virtual car!
Anyway, how can they sell me without my permission? That's slavery isn't it?
Look how could you sell your wife or whatever, or even any 'person'.
Now I know you clever humans think a person is something with two legs and a brain (minimum).
Have a look at the Wiki page on person:

 the category of "person" may be taken to include such non-human entities as animals, artificial intelligences, or extraterrestrial life, as well as legal entities such as corporations, sovereign states and other polities, or estates in probate.[4]

Yeah, go on read it again. "non-human", "legal entities"

I'm both of those and I have a log book to prove it. So when you come around with your fistful of readies think about that one. I am certain a good lawyer would prove my case.
I notice someone has been snooping around the blog (MY blog) from Iceland.

NO, NO, NO I am NOT going to live in Iceland at any price.

Look forward to seeing anyone, but don't poke about too hard.