Sunday, 19 August 2007

Outlook for MOT

There were a few long faces in Barnehurst on Friday. Jim, from Wallhouse came round to have a look at me.
He was quite impressed by me being an auto but was a bit concerned about the heater channel on the driver's side.

Seems to be a choice of welding a plate over the sill and floor pan (which would make it awkward if we ever wanted to take the body off to do a proper job) or sticking carpet down over the floor pan to get the MOT. A new floor pan has been welded in so looks good from underneath.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007


Old Ray must be going a bit daft in his old age; He emailed the Lostwithiel Town Council to find out where that pic was taken. You know the one under the arch, scary if you ask me. He's got this idea of taking us all back there one day.
Anyway he got this reply within seconds, very impressive!

See you soon, Linda.


The photograph was taken in Lostwithiel. It is an archway which runs under a listed building which used to form part of the old Duchy Palace/Jail. It runs between Quay Street and South Street. The vehicle as photographed would be coming from South street into Quay Street. The archway connects two properties which are privately owned.

Linda Austen Clerk to Lostwithiel Town Council Telephone 01208 872323

Monday, 13 August 2007

Spot the difference Part 2

No I didn't mean the crap "finger plate" under my bonnet handle. Nor the chrome strip and VW badge. Oh, and not the black beading which should be white!!

I'm thinking of something much more significant than any of these.

Spot the difference

Bit of an observation test here for all you Beetle afficianados.

Can you see a glaring difference in me from picture at Lostwithiel 12.10 12/08/07 and second picture on 23/7/07
And I don't mean the missing overriders.
No prizes I'm afraid and the chap from Leyton who did £2000 odd of renovation work is barred from answering on the grounds he should know his own mistakes!

Sunday, 12 August 2007


I got Ray to look in the bookcase to see if he could find my original handbook.
Luckily he keeps a lot of old stuff and has still got my handbook. Isn't modern technology marvelous? I expect most of you have scanners and computers and things, but remember in my day we didn't have such technology.

Ray tells me he was using a mechanical device to calculate when I was born and his first recollection of computers was something called a mainframe.

This was kept in his offices at the Pearl Assurance in Holborn in an airlocked room the size of a large house.

Anyway I digress. The pics show the front and inside cover of the handbook.
I must have been a handsome young thing then.
Picture me in the showrooms of Goodliffe Garages Croydon Ltd. in August 1968

Its the good life, full of fun, seems to be the ideal, yes the good life..
Do you remember old Frank? Old blue eyes?

I wonder if they are still there? No the garage, not Frank's eyes. Does anyone remember them or know if they are still around?

Me at Lostwithiel

This is me at Lostwithiel in Cornwall, I think. Anyone recognise it? Must get back there someday. This picture was taken in the summer of 1983 I would think. You can just make out the driver. That's Pat, Ray's wife. And if you look closely, just passed the tax disc (Hah! Don't need one of them now, do we Ray?) you can see Joanne in the back. She is Pat & Ray's daughter. Joanne is about to have a baby so maybe there will be a pic of a third generation with me. Lucky us Beetles live so long, isn't it.