Sunday, 12 August 2007


I got Ray to look in the bookcase to see if he could find my original handbook.
Luckily he keeps a lot of old stuff and has still got my handbook. Isn't modern technology marvelous? I expect most of you have scanners and computers and things, but remember in my day we didn't have such technology.

Ray tells me he was using a mechanical device to calculate when I was born and his first recollection of computers was something called a mainframe.

This was kept in his offices at the Pearl Assurance in Holborn in an airlocked room the size of a large house.

Anyway I digress. The pics show the front and inside cover of the handbook.
I must have been a handsome young thing then.
Picture me in the showrooms of Goodliffe Garages Croydon Ltd. in August 1968

Its the good life, full of fun, seems to be the ideal, yes the good life..
Do you remember old Frank? Old blue eyes?

I wonder if they are still there? No the garage, not Frank's eyes. Does anyone remember them or know if they are still around?

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