Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Lawn Mower (Hummm!)

Just got to post this-Ray is fuming! Remember that Flymo Lawnmower? The snazzy one that folds up and packs into a storable box shape? Yes, the one Ray paid fifty odd quid (a BARGAIN!) for? The one Ray said would last him at least 2-3 years? That was in May this year, remember? Well it's lucky Beetles like me weren't made by Flymo. Why? 'Cos it broke last weekend!!!! It also broke in two different ways!!!! Maybe they were connected. One, the motor has gone all vibraty (vibratory, whatever; it vibrates) and Two, the little bit of plastic that keeps the wheel at the right height has BROKEN OFF!
Mind you my big ends have gone (the boys think) BUT, One, I am an old codger and Two, Dave let my oil run out. Slightly different scenario, I think.