Thursday, 29 December 2011


Sorry about the title, but if you were me you would feel the same.
D'you know what? I been shut up in my 'new home', all on my own with no visitors since, hm, I don't know..September?? Ray popped down to fix the lock on my front door. He had a quick look over me and a sort of look that said 'what are we going to do with the old boy?'
Can't blame him for lack of activity, not much you can do in an English winter. But then, to top it all, the boys did not even come over at CHristmas. Would you believe it?? I would have thought a quick visit, a turkey sandwich and a mince pie. Maybe a cracker.
Mind you writing this should stir them into action, I expect they will be down New Years Eve. And then I can look forward to their New Year Resolutuons!!