Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Wallouse Autos

Some pictures of Wallhouse Autos. I am sure Jim won't mind the publicity, and he did a grand job gettin my clean bill of health. MOT to you lot!

Pics, new alloys

Getting some heat

One of my problems is that the pipework from my heat exchangers is, in the main missing. As you know the heat exchangers take heat indirectly from the exhaust manifold. ( If it was direct my passengers would die from carbon monoxide poisoning and I'd get done for murder/manslaughter) From the H/Es there are two plastic pipes which somehow branch out, one branch joining on to the rear end of the heater channels and the other going to the rear passenger footwell. There are flaps on the heat exchanger to turn all the heat on or off and there are flaps that turn on/off the rear outlets. These are controlled by the two levers either side of the handbrake. One lever (R. I think) controls the two H/E flaps whilst the L. controls the rear passengers outlet. The heat travels along the heater channels, pushed, I think by the engine fan, and partially comes out of two holes just in front of the front occupants' feet. These outlets have "shutters" controlled by levers on the side panels just below the dashboard. The rest of the heat travels into the bonnet compartment and up a pipe to dashboard height, where it branches three ways.One goes to the permanently open windscreen corner vents. The others go into a box unit in the middle where the hot air may be mixed with colder air from the bonnet vents. Unfortunately this box is missing and anyway some idiot put the wrong type of bonnet on me with no vents.
Sorry I am getting tired, but simply, Dave & Ray have rigged up a short piece of aluminium stretchy pipe between the H/Es and the Heater channel on the right so there is some heat coming into the front of the cab!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Speedometer cable

Hi Humans, how do you like this cold weather?
Last week you should have heard the noise coming from my speedometer. It sounded like one of my front wheels was coming loose!
Dave enquired up at Volkspares in Barnehurst (where I live, remember) how he could fix it, but the friendly chap there suggested it was probably the cable that was the problem, so Dave bought a new one.
On Sunday afternoon Dave & Ray decided to fit the new speedo cable.
They had already removed the end from the back of the speedo as they couldn't stand the racket it was making. This is easily done by undoing the knurled aluminium (?) nut with your fingers.
They decided to take the front wheel off although I am not sure this is entirely necessary.The cable passes through the back of the left wheel hub (nearside?), through the bearings and out through a tiny square hole in the inner hub cap, where it is retained by a tiny circlip, or should be 'cos mine is missing. After much tugging on the old cable it gave up it's grip and came out at the back of the hub. The new one was pushed back in the same way, noting that it passes in front of the steering arm. It was quite stiff to push through the hub and was helped by a small amount of grease on the outside of the cable. Dave & Ray are not sure this is recommended but it seemed to help.
We were all very relieved on the test run that the horrible noise had completely gone! Success!

Oil change

I don't know how Dave and Ray can work outside in this weather! On Saturday 10th they decided to change my engine oil. They had previously bought 5 litres of Morris 30 SAE from GSF (German Swedish & French in Bluewater) and also the gasket set. Unfortunately the gasket set could not be found so Dave bought another from Volkspares in Barnehurst. A new paper gasket and copper washers must be fitted when replacing the oil strainer after draining the engine oil.
An old washing up bowl was used to catch the old oil. This is very messy because my engine is so low to the ground, maybe it would have been better to put me up on the ramps.
There was a lot of sludge around the oil strainer and this was all cleaned off in white spirit (petrol can be used instead). The strainer and plate was refitted with the new gaskets and copper washers and the main drain nut tightened to 33lbs/ft.
Getting the two and a half litres of new oil in is a bit tricky due to the confined space.
Dave and Ray have learned a couple of things for next time (3000 miles?)
Maybe ramp me up as I said earlier.
Buy a proper oil funnel designed for us Beetles.

Friday, 2 November 2007

Back home

Sorry I have been a bit lazy in writing the blog, or maybe I am a in a bit of a daze after my stay at Wallhouse.
So everything has been done and I have my new MOT certificate and some very nice Empi style wheels (not new, mind you but quite smart). I am not sure about the bright yellow colour to be honest--bit much for my traditional (who said old-fashioned?) look: old skool is it? Still got to get with it, I might even get on Facebook! Only joking.

Still got to get the tax exemption thingy done and the pressing 'repairs' are to have a good look at the leaking ATF (yes, ATF, remember I am automatic)Keep up, I might be asking questions later. Huh, not that you lot like answering questions, however simple.
Also check the fuel lines; there is a bit of a whiff of petrol when I stop. Even so I was a bit shocked to hear one of the family say "go and smell the Beetle". What do you think you lot smell of?

Also I must confess I make a bit of a noise inside although I am very quiet from the outside. Strange. Still I am nearly 40 years old.

Dave and Ray took out the old static seatbelts and replaced them with a new automatic pair from Volkspares in Barnehurst. Obviously the quality is not a patch on the originals. Anyone interested in the old belts??

Anyway I am off now--will try and get Dave to put up some of the new pics.