Sunday, 11 November 2007

Speedometer cable

Hi Humans, how do you like this cold weather?
Last week you should have heard the noise coming from my speedometer. It sounded like one of my front wheels was coming loose!
Dave enquired up at Volkspares in Barnehurst (where I live, remember) how he could fix it, but the friendly chap there suggested it was probably the cable that was the problem, so Dave bought a new one.
On Sunday afternoon Dave & Ray decided to fit the new speedo cable.
They had already removed the end from the back of the speedo as they couldn't stand the racket it was making. This is easily done by undoing the knurled aluminium (?) nut with your fingers.
They decided to take the front wheel off although I am not sure this is entirely necessary.The cable passes through the back of the left wheel hub (nearside?), through the bearings and out through a tiny square hole in the inner hub cap, where it is retained by a tiny circlip, or should be 'cos mine is missing. After much tugging on the old cable it gave up it's grip and came out at the back of the hub. The new one was pushed back in the same way, noting that it passes in front of the steering arm. It was quite stiff to push through the hub and was helped by a small amount of grease on the outside of the cable. Dave & Ray are not sure this is recommended but it seemed to help.
We were all very relieved on the test run that the horrible noise had completely gone! Success!

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