Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Getting some heat

One of my problems is that the pipework from my heat exchangers is, in the main missing. As you know the heat exchangers take heat indirectly from the exhaust manifold. ( If it was direct my passengers would die from carbon monoxide poisoning and I'd get done for murder/manslaughter) From the H/Es there are two plastic pipes which somehow branch out, one branch joining on to the rear end of the heater channels and the other going to the rear passenger footwell. There are flaps on the heat exchanger to turn all the heat on or off and there are flaps that turn on/off the rear outlets. These are controlled by the two levers either side of the handbrake. One lever (R. I think) controls the two H/E flaps whilst the L. controls the rear passengers outlet. The heat travels along the heater channels, pushed, I think by the engine fan, and partially comes out of two holes just in front of the front occupants' feet. These outlets have "shutters" controlled by levers on the side panels just below the dashboard. The rest of the heat travels into the bonnet compartment and up a pipe to dashboard height, where it branches three ways.One goes to the permanently open windscreen corner vents. The others go into a box unit in the middle where the hot air may be mixed with colder air from the bonnet vents. Unfortunately this box is missing and anyway some idiot put the wrong type of bonnet on me with no vents.
Sorry I am getting tired, but simply, Dave & Ray have rigged up a short piece of aluminium stretchy pipe between the H/Es and the Heater channel on the right so there is some heat coming into the front of the cab!

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