Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Old versus New

You lot won't believe this. Well you probably will being gullible humans. Anyway, I have had my fanbelt on about 10 years. I can remember Ray putting a new one on many years ago. Whilst in the garage it was noticed that there was a cut , quite deep in the fanbelt, so it seemed prudent to replace it with a new one.
Me and Dave were driving along the night before when there was a clanking noise in my derriere or whatever the German is for bum and the gen. light came on. Lo and behold the belt had shredded!! Ray came to the rescue in the Pol.... (can't say that word) brandishing a pair of women's tights (are there men's tights?) which he proceeded to fasten around my pulleys much to the delight of the local constabulary who had parked up in the layby for their supper. Anyway the tights got me home although I was getting pretty hot and bothered by the time I got to Barnehurst and Dave fitted a new belt next day from Volkspares.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

The Engine Shop Ltd

Ray was looking around the internet this morning (for promotional gifts for the Shareworld website (if you are interested in stocks & shares). Anyway someone had searched this blog for "the engine shop erith". The blog came up 11th out of 19000. Reading a few of the other results, as you do, Ray was surprised to find, at first position the website of TES (The Engine Shop) in Erith, Kent. (England for you lot who live abroad)

So this is the second VW Beetle related business in Erith we have recently found and knew nothing about. The other was Coolair. I wonder how many more hidden treasures there are in this area?
I know you lot don't like "going public" but how about letting me or the boys know what else is around in Kent, Beetle related of course!

Friday, 18 January 2008


After my visit to Microgiant in Rayleigh, Essex the smile hasn't gone from Dave's face. He got really fidgety whilst I was away and apparently really missed me. (I bet that was because he had to drive his mum's Rover 214). Anyway Tim at Microgiant has done an excellent job and the boys had a long chat with him about Beetles and campers etc.
He has organised with Pirtex to get some ATF hoses made up and I will make sure Ray gets some more posts up whwen thy're done.

ATF fluid

The boys are still having problems with one of my fluids. Yes that darned ATF is still leaking onto the road. They think they have it sussed at last. It would appear to be leaking from the union of the return pipe where it returns to the neck of the reservoir filler. Apparently it can leak from the cap due to the washer getting compressed over time. This does not seem to be the case with me.

The boys might have a go over the weekend depending on the weather.

The forum has some most helpful contributors. It is purely for auto Beetles like me although none of them are as talkative as me, preferring to let their human owners speak for them!

There's always a debate about what lubricants to use but we think that it does not seem worth spending a lot of money on modern products as they have been designed or refined for modern engines which, I imagine are a lot different to my lump. So we have been using Morris SAE30 engine oil and Dextron II. Of course you should not have to keep topping up the ATF like us, but we bought a 5 litre can which was the cheapest way. Don't know about gearbox oil but will report back when I do.

Thursday, 17 January 2008


Hi humans! I am away from home again. This time Dave & Ray took me to Microgiants in Rayleigh. We drove down there Tuesday night in all that rain. I got Dave there safely though, but I think Ray was a bit worried due to the weather. Ray drove in the VW Pol.....that word's got stuck in my throat. Oh well I suppose at least it's a Volkswagen!
Anyway the boys thought they would get some professionals to look at my leaks. No I haven't started growing vegetables; oil leaks.
Tim at Microgiant diagnosed it as 1. Oil pressure switch leaking 2. ATF filler cap leaking (inspite of the ATF hoses looking very ropey they were not leaking).
Tim later discovered the oil cooler was leaking as well so that's a slightly bigger job. But not too bad for a 30 year old.
The boys asked Tim to check with Pirtex (just down the road from them) how much the ATF hoses would be to make up.
Hopefully I will be picked up today so I will let you all know he results.