Friday, 18 January 2008

ATF fluid

The boys are still having problems with one of my fluids. Yes that darned ATF is still leaking onto the road. They think they have it sussed at last. It would appear to be leaking from the union of the return pipe where it returns to the neck of the reservoir filler. Apparently it can leak from the cap due to the washer getting compressed over time. This does not seem to be the case with me.

The boys might have a go over the weekend depending on the weather.

The forum has some most helpful contributors. It is purely for auto Beetles like me although none of them are as talkative as me, preferring to let their human owners speak for them!

There's always a debate about what lubricants to use but we think that it does not seem worth spending a lot of money on modern products as they have been designed or refined for modern engines which, I imagine are a lot different to my lump. So we have been using Morris SAE30 engine oil and Dextron II. Of course you should not have to keep topping up the ATF like us, but we bought a 5 litre can which was the cheapest way. Don't know about gearbox oil but will report back when I do.


Tacita said...
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CRK said...

Why thank you Tacita I don't often get praise for my little contributions. Are you a car? Maybe we could meet up for a drive. unfortunately I will have to bring one of the boys along, not quite got the hang of driving solo yet.