Friday, 12 September 2008

Update of sorts

Well firstly, I think apologies are in order. OK I know I write this blog but the boys do have a bit to do with the input. So, sorry for all you peeps who have visited the blog recently and found.........nothing new! Not to say things haven't been happening. Would you believe the boys spent about £600 on the Rover (no its a car not a dog...well it's a bit of a dog) for head skim, gaskets, brakes, MOT etc. instead of on ME! Well they did actually spend money on me. A couple of weeks ago I was being very stroppy, I don't know why, perhaps the British weather, although you would think I had got used to that by now, mainly being out in the open, night and day, in all weather, even SNOW, do you remember that? for all of my life. Lucky us Beetles are 'Ard!
So I was running badly (deliberately, ha ha), wouldn't let them put me into gear easily, stalling at the lights, making my wheels wobble occasionally etc. Well, I needed some attention! Eventually the boys got really fed up with me and Ray suggested Dave take me back to Jim at Wallhouse (more about the website later). A couple of days later and with a new steering box I was behaving myself much much better. Good old Jim! As I understand it, from whispered conversations I have picked up between Ray & Dave, the plan is to take me off the road for a bit and get me smartened up (for Christmas?). The Rover is now roadworthy and just needs tax (TAX, what's that, LOL) and insurance. They will probably get me insured through Performance Direct under a limited mileage, vintage car policy like they did before. That costs about £100 or could be even less. I will try and get more details from the boys for the next post as I am sure you Beetles (if any of you have access to the internet) would like to pass the info on to your masters.
So, I mentioned the Wallhouse website. At the moment it is just for contact purposes but Dave is going to organise a good website for Jim so keep your eyes open for that.
OK, I'm off now; got to concentrate on the road and keep an eye on Dave's driving. God knows what he'll be like in the Rover without me there!