Saturday, 25 April 2009

Visitors to blog

I recently mentioned the last nine vistors to my blog only because the nine, in order, had come from such geographically diverse places.
But Max has contributed a couple of comments (thanks, Max) and, I think, would like his country, Uruguay, tobe given a mention. Also he told me that the VW Beetle (like me) is known as Fusca, in Uruguay.
I have heard myself being referred to as something very similar (and not very kindly) in the past, especially when I am being awkward and not starting properly.
So here are the last nine posts. And don't expect me to keep doing this, although the people from have a nice map of the world with pins showing you where your visitors to your particular website come from. I am pleased to report that the map of my blog is completely covered with pins. (except Iceland, oh and New Zealand, come on Kiwis, you must have heard of a Beetle).
By the way, the visitor from Germany was searching for Beetle breeding (dirty bugger!). Hah, BUG-ger, geddit? Oh well, suit yourselves.
Sonora, Hermosillo, Mexico
Montivieo, Uruguay
Murska, Sobota, Slovenia
Niederschsen, Garbsen, Germany

By the way, Max, 13% of my total visitors (1797) have come from Uruguay. (or were they all you?!)

Thursday, 16 April 2009

MOT time again (oh, what fun!)

Where did that year go? Yes it's that worrying time again: MOT time. Always a worry for the boys, and that's with any of their vehicles, not just me.
Ray got up early Tuesday morning just in case my battery needed charging. I thought I would give him a treat and start first time, after all he was putting himself out for me and he does so want me back on the road again.
Anyway we drove down to Uncle Jim at Wallhouse as he has arranged for his mate to go over me (ooh, careful Missus!).
Well it made a nice change to get out and about again and I made sure I was on my best behaviour, driving as smoothly as I could and not cutting out too much at the lights. Dave and Ray dropped me off and left my keys at Wallhouse. Jim would be along later to take over.
Of course the boys weren't there to see all the action but I was given a thorough once over to find anything where time had once again taken its toll.
Not a bad result, I suppose for a chap of my vintage: Windscreen wipers not working properly: JIIIMMM!! (who fitted them?!).
Bit of wear in the old front joints (steering whatsits) and, and, what else was it?
Oh yes. Horn not working. JIIIIIMM!! Surely if you fix the wire on one year it should still be fixed on the following year!
Anyways I am being fixed good and proper as I speak/write so I will report back sometime around the weekend.

Oh, nearly forgot: Ray was fascinated by the last nine posts to the blog. In strict order these were the places the nine vistors came from (in about two days). Are you sure???
I do hope you visit again, even if you came by mistake. What were you looking for?

England, London
Kyonggi-do, Seoul, Korea
California, Oakland
Illinois, Woodstock
Maharashtra, Thane, India
Hokkaido, Sapporo, Japan
Galati, Galati, Romania
Maharashtra, Mumbai, India

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Top secret


Hi all! Not that anyone will read this, because it is TOP SECRET!
See, it is labelled such at the top and also in the title!

Oh, I am just bored, sitting up here in Orpington watching the world go by. Thought I would get you lot going by calling this post top secret.

Hold on! I am not even watching the world go by; I am facing the other way!!

Ray has parked me facing the garage doors with my bum facing the world.

Anyway he, at last, got into my driver's seat last night and put the key in my lock..... and turned it........nothing! Ha Ha! That will teach you for not looking after me. What did he expect. Yes I know the usual credulity; "I turned the key ONCE and he started up immediately". Well not this time, Buddy!
Come on you lot, help me out. Leave a witty, interesting, whatever comment on my blog; I need cheering up.