Saturday, 25 April 2009

Visitors to blog

I recently mentioned the last nine vistors to my blog only because the nine, in order, had come from such geographically diverse places.
But Max has contributed a couple of comments (thanks, Max) and, I think, would like his country, Uruguay, tobe given a mention. Also he told me that the VW Beetle (like me) is known as Fusca, in Uruguay.
I have heard myself being referred to as something very similar (and not very kindly) in the past, especially when I am being awkward and not starting properly.
So here are the last nine posts. And don't expect me to keep doing this, although the people from have a nice map of the world with pins showing you where your visitors to your particular website come from. I am pleased to report that the map of my blog is completely covered with pins. (except Iceland, oh and New Zealand, come on Kiwis, you must have heard of a Beetle).
By the way, the visitor from Germany was searching for Beetle breeding (dirty bugger!). Hah, BUG-ger, geddit? Oh well, suit yourselves.
Sonora, Hermosillo, Mexico
Montivieo, Uruguay
Murska, Sobota, Slovenia
Niederschsen, Garbsen, Germany

By the way, Max, 13% of my total visitors (1797) have come from Uruguay. (or were they all you?!)

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