Sunday, 6 May 2012

Painless extraction!

There I was, minding my own business in my new(ish) house, ok so there's a bit of a leak in the roof but I am thick-skinned, when the boys suddenly turned up. As well as the boys, I spied a new guy I haven't seen before. The boys kept addressing him as Phil so I assumed they new him. Anyway, gound sheet is spread out under my arsk no questions get no lies toolboxes are got to the ready and Phil starts fiddling with my derriere. Of course I have utter trust in the boys (why? you ask), they haven't done any serious harm to me yet and, of course, they think I am a valuable asset. As I say a bit of fiddling and bolts being shown around and marvelled at their as new condition, then a big beast of a Jack appears; no not another new guy, a (an?) hydraulic jack was thrust under my nether regions and... more pulling, shoving and general strenuous activity. And then the deed was extraction! No, not a tooth, you silly humans, my engine! I had a quick peep behind and there it was, in all its glory, sitting on my house floor, looking like some sort of wierd contraption. Is that what pushes me along from behind? Let's hope the boys can get that thing sorted out and put back in where it belongs. I heard Phil say he would be pleased to get it returned to its proper place and the boys jokingly retorted that they would see him in a couple of years time then!!! Sounds about right!