Thursday, 29 January 2009

New Blog, by us lot!

Just quickly to tell you about our, well Ray's, new blog, Smallchange. He wants to change the world to a better place (LOL).
Watch out Barack Obama!!

Don't forget, he's doing it for you younger peeps; he's an old codger.

Handmade Jewelery

This is a strange one: I was looking over my old posts and came across one that had received a comment from Handmade Jewelry. Well not so much a comment rather a request; could they have my 'phone number? Well I have been told you have to be careful about who you give personal details to over the internet because you don't know the real identity of the correspondent. They might be trying to "groom"me!
Tell me a bit about yourself. I assume you are a vehicle of some sort or other, or maybe not. Do you sell jewelery? I know Ray's wife likes a pearl necklace; yes, I have looked at your site!
I have no partner, whatever at the moment, there are not many of my breed left and aren't they all male? The new Beetle is a bit girly, but they are all a bit young for me. And as for a different breed, I think you would say "make" or "model", I wouldn't fancy someone with their engine in the front. Weird! That would be like you humans having I had better not go there.
Anyway, Handbag, why not write another comment or try your "hand" at my questions.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Secret of success

Happy New Year my two-legged friends and all my four-wheeled ones (especially Beetles). Have you seen the New New Beetle yet? Gives me the creeps. Why? Well the New Beetle seemed a reasonable idea, a retro style (on me) with brand new technology underneath. Ok, so it's a bit of a girlie car but I think it's not bad. But now VW have designed a New New Beetle by moving away, I think, from my original styling. What do you all think.
I am glad to note that some readers have commented on my blog and appear to like it. Some have said it is COOL and how do I do it.
COOL that's a good one. Maybe we should say Aircool, or Coolair. Oh, no that's already been taken.
It's all down to experience and age , my dears. You know I was born in 1969 (YES, cars are born) so that makes me almost 40 years old (Yes, I did that without a calculator!). You learn a lot in 40 years travelling all over the place. Not so much now, alas, I am still stuck at Dave's Grandmother's house. What relationship would she have been to me? Auntie? Dunno, that's too difficult to work out and I am not sure anyone has attempted it before!
You are a dull lot, you know. I keep posing a few questions on the blog and I don't get any answers (I would have expected a few wrong ones at least from you lot). Why is it? Are you all shy? Or just lead too "busy" lives to be bothered with me?
Anyway, another picture of me. WHAT ARE those two things either side of me!!? One thing for certain is I bet they are still not around, like me.
So, OK, questions: Where was the picture taken (not many clues, I know) and what (who) are the other two cars? Yes, I do know the answers.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

More old photos

Hi Guys, hope you had a good Chistmas. Happy New Year!

I am currently resting. Dave has got the old dog, I mean the Rover taxed and insured and is driving him/her about for the winter. I am resting up at his Grandma's house and keeping a look out for Ray while the house is being sold (fat chance of that during this recession).

Anyway Ray & Pat were tidying up the house and came across some old pictures of me in my youth.

This is the first one. It was taken in Cornwall, somewhere near Bodmin, I believe. Sometime in the 1980's.

Anyone recognise the building?