Saturday, 17 May 2014

Oil Pump

The oil pump on an automatic beetle is different from the manual version.
The automatic oil pump is, in fact, two pumps: one for the oil and one for the ATF.

The pump is held by four studs and nuts. When the nuts are removed the whole pump body slides off.

Next step is to separate the divider plate from the body. It is very tightly fixed although only by two small metal dowels.
I have seen suggested using a screwdriver at the corners to prise it loose. Maybe that is the only way but doesn't seem quite right.
I would have thought punching out the dowels might be the answer but still trying to find out.

The inner body remains inside the case and I think the case must be split before it can be removed. Although if the two case bolts near it are loosened I think it can be eased out using some sort of puller.

The gear in the next picture is held in the body by a woodruff key so that will be revealed when I get the divider plate off.

Squirted some Plus-Gas in strategic places then tapped with a screwdriver, as suggested by Lee on, (I think) on the two corners by the dowels. A couple of sharp taps and the divider plate moved fairly easily and with a bit of wiggling came apart.

If, like me, you are doing this for the first time I believe it is important to keep all the gears in the same places. Also look out for the tiny woodruff key in the long-shafted gear wheel. It is a tiny (5mm?) half moon-shaped piece of metal that sits in a groove on the shaft and which prevents the shaft coming out. Be careful it doesn't fall out and get lost!