Saturday, 4 January 2014

Removing pulley

The pulley is keyed to the rear end of the crankshaft and retained by a large central bolt. The bolt is torqued to 33 ft/lbs but undoes reasonably easily if you use a large screwdriver or similar tool through the holes in the pulley and jam it against one of the crankcase flanges.
The pulley was a tight fit and the Haynes manual suggests soaking the boss with penetrating oil and hooking something through the two holes if any leverage is necessary. We used a large screwdriver behind the pulley to tease some movement out of it, having first heated the pulley gently with an electric hot air gun. Once it had begun to move we gently tapped evenly all round with a block of wood and hammer.
Haynes recommends not using too much force on the outer edge of the pulley as it may be distorted.
After the pulley has been removed the lower engine plate can be unbolted.
The two retaining bolts can only be accessed after removal of the pulley so on reassembly the plate must be fitted before the pulley.