Saturday, 30 May 2009

Lawn mowing

Hi folks! How are you enjoying the good weather? Very nice isn't it? Only one problem: doesn't the grass grow fast?
Speaking of grass and having to cut it every week or so I'll let Ray tell you about his new lawn mower purchase:

Hi, Ray here. How do you like the blog? That Brian is clever old boy methinks. Anyway (OK so I write just like Brian!) bought myself a posh new lawn mower last week. I'll tell you about it. It's a FlymoPac a Mow, bright orange. I've only used it once but it seems OK. The handle folds in half and then back over the body. This is done flipping open four quick release thingies. Then the grass box fits over the front end and it stands up in the shape of an oblong box. Quite good. It has a see though panel to see when the grass box is full. That's OK but a bit of a gimmick really. Suitable for medium size gardens. My lawn is about 100' long, mainly grass and the mower is well sufficient. It would be too big for anything smaller, I feel. Anyway if you are interested have a look at the full spec.
I first saw it in Homebase at about £90. Then Tesco online at about £50 (loads of Nectar points) but it was out of stock!!
Eventually bought it through Amazon for arbout £52 including delivery.
I can highly recommend this mower and from my previous experiences with this brand should last a good 5 years or more. Cheers and happy mowing, I'll pass you back to Brian.
Yes it's me again, old Beetle bod! Lucky I don't have any chores like that. Oh, by the way, if you order that mower through Amazon could you go in via the shareworld site, please. (
Click on the Amazon link down the left hand side. This will take you onto Amazon on the Books section. Then just search for lawnmowers in the usual way. Ray will earn a couple of quid which hopefully he will spend on ME, yay!