Thursday, 29 January 2009

Handmade Jewelery

This is a strange one: I was looking over my old posts and came across one that had received a comment from Handmade Jewelry. Well not so much a comment rather a request; could they have my 'phone number? Well I have been told you have to be careful about who you give personal details to over the internet because you don't know the real identity of the correspondent. They might be trying to "groom"me!
Tell me a bit about yourself. I assume you are a vehicle of some sort or other, or maybe not. Do you sell jewelery? I know Ray's wife likes a pearl necklace; yes, I have looked at your site!
I have no partner, whatever at the moment, there are not many of my breed left and aren't they all male? The new Beetle is a bit girly, but they are all a bit young for me. And as for a different breed, I think you would say "make" or "model", I wouldn't fancy someone with their engine in the front. Weird! That would be like you humans having I had better not go there.
Anyway, Handbag, why not write another comment or try your "hand" at my questions.

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