Thursday, 9 April 2009

Top secret


Hi all! Not that anyone will read this, because it is TOP SECRET!
See, it is labelled such at the top and also in the title!

Oh, I am just bored, sitting up here in Orpington watching the world go by. Thought I would get you lot going by calling this post top secret.

Hold on! I am not even watching the world go by; I am facing the other way!!

Ray has parked me facing the garage doors with my bum facing the world.

Anyway he, at last, got into my driver's seat last night and put the key in my lock..... and turned it........nothing! Ha Ha! That will teach you for not looking after me. What did he expect. Yes I know the usual credulity; "I turned the key ONCE and he started up immediately". Well not this time, Buddy!
Come on you lot, help me out. Leave a witty, interesting, whatever comment on my blog; I need cheering up.

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