Thursday, 17 January 2008


Hi humans! I am away from home again. This time Dave & Ray took me to Microgiants in Rayleigh. We drove down there Tuesday night in all that rain. I got Dave there safely though, but I think Ray was a bit worried due to the weather. Ray drove in the VW Pol.....that word's got stuck in my throat. Oh well I suppose at least it's a Volkswagen!
Anyway the boys thought they would get some professionals to look at my leaks. No I haven't started growing vegetables; oil leaks.
Tim at Microgiant diagnosed it as 1. Oil pressure switch leaking 2. ATF filler cap leaking (inspite of the ATF hoses looking very ropey they were not leaking).
Tim later discovered the oil cooler was leaking as well so that's a slightly bigger job. But not too bad for a 30 year old.
The boys asked Tim to check with Pirtex (just down the road from them) how much the ATF hoses would be to make up.
Hopefully I will be picked up today so I will let you all know he results.

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