Sunday, 30 December 2007

Coolair (GB) Ltd.

A couple of weeks ago Dave & Ray were in Volkspares in Barnehurst. They were after some of that stretchy aluminium pipe. Unfortunately the guy there didn't have any but kindly suggested they try Coolair. Well, Ray had seen the Coolair catalogue before but didn't realise the shop was local (Erith).

The shop (warehouse?) is in Bilton Road, Erith but the boys had never seen it before. Ray drove up and down the cul-de-sac which is Bilton Road about five times but could not find it. He asked a couple of locals (even some car mechanics about a hundred yards from where it eventually turned out to be. In fact it was right at the beginning of Bilton Road, but unless you knew it was there you would easily miss it. Come on chaps give us a clue who/where you are. Mind you inside it is a revelation. There are a few buses and a few bugs in there and loads of other bits and pieces. Ray was a bit disappointed that one assistant gave the reply to a question "Dunno mate, I know nuffin' about Beetles" Oh well c'est la vie, at least modern life.

Anyway it's useful to have another source of parts in the area, although Heritage has moved a bit closer to Ray's office in Crawley, which is also handy.

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