Sunday, 20 January 2008

The Engine Shop Ltd

Ray was looking around the internet this morning (for promotional gifts for the Shareworld website (if you are interested in stocks & shares). Anyway someone had searched this blog for "the engine shop erith". The blog came up 11th out of 19000. Reading a few of the other results, as you do, Ray was surprised to find, at first position the website of TES (The Engine Shop) in Erith, Kent. (England for you lot who live abroad)

So this is the second VW Beetle related business in Erith we have recently found and knew nothing about. The other was Coolair. I wonder how many more hidden treasures there are in this area?
I know you lot don't like "going public" but how about letting me or the boys know what else is around in Kent, Beetle related of course!

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