Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Old versus New

You lot won't believe this. Well you probably will being gullible humans. Anyway, I have had my fanbelt on about 10 years. I can remember Ray putting a new one on many years ago. Whilst in the garage it was noticed that there was a cut , quite deep in the fanbelt, so it seemed prudent to replace it with a new one.
Me and Dave were driving along the night before when there was a clanking noise in my derriere or whatever the German is for bum and the gen. light came on. Lo and behold the belt had shredded!! Ray came to the rescue in the Pol.... (can't say that word) brandishing a pair of women's tights (are there men's tights?) which he proceeded to fasten around my pulleys much to the delight of the local constabulary who had parked up in the layby for their supper. Anyway the tights got me home although I was getting pretty hot and bothered by the time I got to Barnehurst and Dave fitted a new belt next day from Volkspares.

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