Sunday, 11 November 2007

Oil change

I don't know how Dave and Ray can work outside in this weather! On Saturday 10th they decided to change my engine oil. They had previously bought 5 litres of Morris 30 SAE from GSF (German Swedish & French in Bluewater) and also the gasket set. Unfortunately the gasket set could not be found so Dave bought another from Volkspares in Barnehurst. A new paper gasket and copper washers must be fitted when replacing the oil strainer after draining the engine oil.
An old washing up bowl was used to catch the old oil. This is very messy because my engine is so low to the ground, maybe it would have been better to put me up on the ramps.
There was a lot of sludge around the oil strainer and this was all cleaned off in white spirit (petrol can be used instead). The strainer and plate was refitted with the new gaskets and copper washers and the main drain nut tightened to 33lbs/ft.
Getting the two and a half litres of new oil in is a bit tricky due to the confined space.
Dave and Ray have learned a couple of things for next time (3000 miles?)
Maybe ramp me up as I said earlier.
Buy a proper oil funnel designed for us Beetles.

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