Friday, 2 November 2007

Back home

Sorry I have been a bit lazy in writing the blog, or maybe I am a in a bit of a daze after my stay at Wallhouse.
So everything has been done and I have my new MOT certificate and some very nice Empi style wheels (not new, mind you but quite smart). I am not sure about the bright yellow colour to be honest--bit much for my traditional (who said old-fashioned?) look: old skool is it? Still got to get with it, I might even get on Facebook! Only joking.

Still got to get the tax exemption thingy done and the pressing 'repairs' are to have a good look at the leaking ATF (yes, ATF, remember I am automatic)Keep up, I might be asking questions later. Huh, not that you lot like answering questions, however simple.
Also check the fuel lines; there is a bit of a whiff of petrol when I stop. Even so I was a bit shocked to hear one of the family say "go and smell the Beetle". What do you think you lot smell of?

Also I must confess I make a bit of a noise inside although I am very quiet from the outside. Strange. Still I am nearly 40 years old.

Dave and Ray took out the old static seatbelts and replaced them with a new automatic pair from Volkspares in Barnehurst. Obviously the quality is not a patch on the originals. Anyone interested in the old belts??

Anyway I am off now--will try and get Dave to put up some of the new pics.

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