Thursday, 18 October 2007

Wallhouse motors

Hi humans!!
Well I cannot tell you what's been happening since Jim (Wallhouse) took me to his yard. Still I do feel at home: there are lots of my brother Beetles and cousin camper vans in various states of health here, I think Dave & Ray took some pics of the yard(s) and presumably they will get round to posting them shortly. I have had a lot of work done to get through the MOT. I won't tell you exactly what because Dave & Ray haven't seen me yet so I don't want to spoil their surprise.I just hope it's worth the money they've spent. Oh well,OK, I will give you a bit of the juice: Exhaust pipe, windscreen wiper mechanism, welding my bottom (!) and four new (new to me anyway) Empi style wheels and tyres.
Must get some pics done and get them all posted.
I should have been picked up Saturday (20th Oct?) but Dave has flown up to Scotland to see his girlfriend (wonder if she will like me? She probably won't like my inside-still a bit of a mess. Am I a girl? Woman? Female? Cars are usually female aren't they.
Oh by the way I am really disappointed no one has replied to my little quiz about my cosmetic changes (cosmetic surgery?). Tell you the truth a bit disappointed you lot haven't given me any replies at all!! Humans, bah!

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