Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Off to Wallhouse

Dave had arranged to drive me to Wallhouse in Erith. The plan was to get an MOT test to find out exactly what work was required, (another MOT?), get the work done and get the MOT certificate.

The best laid plans of mice and men.... The accelerator cable snapped somewhere along its legnth. Dave bought a new one up at Volkspares in Barnehurst (very handy) but could not thread it through.

Anyway someone came up from Wallhouse and carted me off to the workshop.

Dave is 'phoning up today, hopefully, to see how I am.No doubt he, or Ray will keep you posted.

On a more cheerful note this blog comes up 13th out of 2.8m on a Google search for "Beetle blog"

Let's hope next week brings some good news and I will be able to convey some good cheer!

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