Monday, 10 November 2008

Hornchurch Cardrome

I overhead Ray talking to one of his work colleagues today about the Hornchurch cardrome. His friend's wife was thinking of learning to drive and Ray started reminiscing about the cardrome. To be honest I am not sure I have ever been there. But I must have done because Ray's wife Pat learnt to drive me yonks ago. Anyway if it is till there and I think it is, it's worth a visit. As I say it is in Hornchurch, Essex, England. Basically it is a circuit of roadways on 12 acres of private land. Slightly smaller than the real thing but the roads are two-way. There are traffic lights and junctions and even a hill where you can practice hill-starts. You take your own car there although they do have their own vehicles you can book. You pay your money at the barrier and you can be there for as long as you like. The driver can be any age (I believe) and Ray took his daughter Holly when she was about fourteen. It is excellent for beginners to get some practice before they go on the public highway and even for someone who is having professional tuition as fill-in practice. The last time Ray went there was about five years ago, so check to see if it is still going. Then it was about £5-6 an hour (the website says £12 entrance). Of course your car will be uninsured and you go at your own risk. It can get a bit busy but you just wait a bit if it is and the cars only go max about 30 mph and you can clearly see everyone else who is on the circuit. Mind you when Ray was there last someone did bump someone up the rear.
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