Friday, 24 June 2011

Brazilian Beauty

I think I'm in love!! Just got some pics. of a dark, Brazilian beauty. Might pin them up in my new house. Reminds me of Ray's old Brazilian house keeper. She used to hoover his carpet really well. But always used to leave a thin strip untouched right down the middle (?)
Not as bad as the Eastern European one, though. Again an excellent job but she took absolutely ages hoovering the carpet. Why? I dunno. She was a Slo-vak!
Any way the Brazilian beauty is, of course, a Beetle. Like me. Bit more shiny I'll admit but I bet she's (she? Is that wishful thinking? We could have babies! Baby Beetles!) a lot younger than me. Can't tell by the registration: HAW, what's that then?
'Spect you have a clutch pedal as well! Very low tech!
Can't fault THE BODY though. WOWeeeeeeeeeeee! Get's the old ATF Fluids going, I can tell you!
Anyway here are the pictures:


m.c. said...

I could have never imagined that this would lead to a romance, although it could hardly be more than a platonic one (come on now: different hemispheres!).

I always thought of this particuilar Beetle as a "him", although I must confess I am not well versed in the poorly-defined car genders, so keep wishing!. Anyways... that it is a hot piece of... derrière.

You are right about the clutch, good-old pedal action it is!.

On a different matter, a special greeting is in order since last wednesday was the World Wide Beetle Day. Congrats!

CRK said...

I would think cars are generally female (like boats). In UK they are often referred to as 'old girl' or 'she's running well'.
I don't know, maybe there were more men drivers when cars were first invented and to a man the car was a sort of similar to a wife or girl-friend (expensive to run).
But you are right Beetles are more him than her! Except New Beetles, definitely female.

68autobug said...

Love the paraguay beetle withe the strange engine lid vents..
similar to South Africian beetles but not the same..
I don't have any idea of how old the beetle is.. Has 1970 tail lamps
and i don't know when they changed to the larger round tail lamps??

Lee in Australia

CRK said...

Hi Max,

Any details on your Beetle? Bit of interest on

Matthew van Rensburg said...

@CRK You might be correct about Beetles being female, but I can definitely confirm that they are Wild.

I started my own Beetle Blog just a heads up :)

If you guys aren't interested please delete this shameless plug ;)

t.a. said...

@CRK I *just* saw your now-over-a year-old comment asking for more details about my Beetle.

Well, it might be late to follow on that, but I can tell you that it is a 1977 Brazilian Beetle with a 1600cc engine. We bought it around 2001 and had the body renovated a couple of years ago. The rest is pretty much standard issue (except for some electricals).

I have more pictures I can make available, just let me know.

t.a. said...

By the way, I am Max (also formerly know as m.c.)

CRK said...

Hi t.a.
Thanks for the info. I am still down in Gravesend in my little garage. My rear end is still up in the air on ramps: very incongruous!
I am looking forward to the day my power plant is re-fitted and I can get out on the open road again.
Have you looked at the recent posts by the boys? They tell me it is difficult taking photos and dismantling engines at the same time. I am told the male of the human species cannot multi-task (and there are two of them!)

t.a. said...

Yes CRK, I've been catching up on all the nuts'n bolts that have been coming out of that engine of yours, let's hope they can put it back toghether again.

Even if males don't multitask that well, we do tend to get along quite nicely with machines in general.