Sunday, 12 June 2011

My own little house

Hi humans, sorry I haven't been posting lately but, to be honest, I have been a bit near-suicidal since my last post. Why? Why?!! What would you feel like sitting on a lawn with your back facing the world? Most of the time wet grass. And weeds!
Anyway everything has now changed-and for the better! Yes, I have my own new little home- ok so it isn't mine it's rented, but a lot of cars, and,er, people, rent these days, so I hear.
How has this come about? Well the other day Dave and Ray approached with some menacing looking electrical leads with huge serrated grippers at each end. These were connected to the battery terminals of Dave's Polo and....woah, hold on! Where are you sticking those? The leads were poked into my body and attached somewhere inside me. You've seen those hospital programs, no doubt, where the doctors are holding two large pads and, sticking them resolutely on the patients chest, shout the order  "STAND CLEAR!". The patient's body either jerks into life, or doesn't. Fortunately this patient did. The fibralator worked, my engine fired into life. Ok, so a bit noisily, but alive. Remember my big end (no that's not a euphemism) is shot. Anyway Ray drove me off the lawn, or rather drove off the brown patch. A tow rope was attached to my front end and then to Dave's Polo and off we went.
Well, we drove for what seemed ages. Ray got a bit nervous when a police car followed me for about half a mile and, I must confess, I got a bit hot and bothered and my rear drums started playing up a bit. Ray got very worried for the last few miles that I wouldn't stop when asked and bump into the back of the Polo.
Now, about my little home. It is just the right size for me, about a foot either side and a couple of feet each end for me to stretch a bit. Nice and dry. And with a bright blue front door.
Ray & Dave put my rear end up on some ramps and took off my engine lid so I feel there is much in store for me in the coming months.
I promise to keep you all posted.

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m.c. said...

Congratulations on the new accomodations!.

It is good to hear you had that engine going on, even if it was with a bit of assistance. Surely next months are going to be exciting over there.

I am just finding out that your name is Brian, is that right?.

Well, considering you were kind enough to share pictures, I can only do the same. You can check some of mine here (specially published for the ocassion).