Friday, 7 June 2013

Engine on Sealey stand

The mounting plate from the engine stand was bolted to the engine. The main bolts holding the arms of the mounting plate were left loose and the mounting tubes lined up with the engine case holes and the bolts screwed in loosely. The mounting tubes were lined up to fit outside the flange on the engine casing. When everything was in alignement all the bolts were tightened up.
 The top two holes in the engine are not threaded so any length M10 bolts will do. The lower two bolts, however, are threaded. The first bolts used were 100mm M10 but when bolting into the engine we must have passed the threading in the case, which chewed the ends of the bolt thread and were difficult to extract. It was tight all the way out and we were worried that the engine threads would be damaged.
Bought more bolts from Namrick and found the 90mm M10 were just the right length.

Picture 6: Stand fixing plate.

Picture 7: Mounting 'tubes' & flange

Picture 8: Is it safe?

Hmm. Is it safe. Hope so!


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