Monday, 3 June 2013

Removal of Flexplate

The Beetle automatic has no flywheel but, instead, a Flexplate, that connects the engine to the torque converter. The flexplate is connected to the engine (crankshaft) with a gland nut tightened to 282 lbs/ft.
The flexplate is attached to the torque converter with four bolts that are accessed one at a time by rotating the engine until they are visible through an access hole.
The four bolts are, I think, undone with a 10mm socket and the gland nut with a 26mm socket. (to be checked).

Picture 1. Bolt, flexplate to torque converter.

Picture 2. Flexplate on engine with gland nut removed.

Picture 3. Flexplate showing captive nuts for bolts to Torque Converter
Picture 4. Flexplate with 8mm bolts to remove from engine.

Removing the flexplate gland nut appeared to be a difficult job. There were several methods suggested but warnings to take care over the flexiplate as damage would render it useless and difficult to replace. In the end a cheap 1/2" Air 'rattler' gun and a pair of feet stopping the pulley end from turning did the trick. The gland nut came off very easily. To remove the plate two 8mm bolts are screwed into the two threaded holes and gradually tightened to force the plate outwards and off.

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