Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Removing Heat Exchanger

19th June 2013
We had a big problem with one of the nuts holding the J-Tube. The lower nut & stud nestles between the J-Tube and the heat exchanger so not much room to swing a spanner. Added to that the nut was very corroded and although the size should be 13mm it was smaller and more like 1/2".
Various suggestions from Volkszone and we contemplated buying a set of cheap spanners from Halfords which included a 1/2" (AF?).
We thought if the ring spanner is not a good fit then it would be a waste of £13 or so.
In the end we opted for a nut splitter.
The nut splitter was a bit fiddly and could only fit on to about 2/3rds of the nut which it duly split.
The remainder was butchered off with a sharp chisel. Not ideal but it worked.
There were two cheesehead screws under the crankcase holding a piece of tinware to the heat exchanger and two more at the back of the engine holding the same plate.
Two of the bolts are plain and the other two have their ends v-eed.
Didn't notice which were which but the v-eed ones presumably hold two plates together while the plain ones bolt into the casing (?)

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