Sunday, 30 December 2007

Chit chat

Hi all, how are you? Don't get all shy I don't expect a response! It's quite pleasing to see so many visitors to the blog. Some of you look around for a bit and others go as quick as they came: I don't know what sort of beetle you are after. It was funny when the boys wrote about my oil consumption. A google search for "what sort of oil does a Beetle use?" produced, among others, a website about 'oil beetles'!!

Anyway, not much has happened over the last few weeks as I have been running very well. Although I am still losing a lot of oil and ATF as well. Can't do much about it before the spring and warmer weather, but Dave's grandmother has offered to pay for a new engine, so the boys are trying to work out the best plan of action.

The next couple of posts are on specific items so we have split them up for convenience and there are also some pics of me, after having had a bath! (more like a hose down! Brrrrr

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