Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Dimensions of heater pipe

Having checked the details of the piping Ray & Dave used they have discovered that the smaller pipe is 50mm. This is the standard pipe people like VW Heritage etc. sell, that is used in the engine compartment. There is also a similar pipe in cardboard. When the boys first tried to 'fix' the heating they used this diam. pipe but found it went inside the heat exchanger outlet and could not be fixed securely. They then discovered the slightly larger pipe and the two sizes used in conjuctuction proved to be a perfect combination. They have plans, however to fix the heating properly using the correct Beetle components. The first hurdle is money. The two plastic pipes from the H/Es to inside the body are about £23 odd each (VW Heritage, GSF, Volkspares) although Ray saw them somewhere at half the price. (possibly Status)
Maybe they will pick some up secondhand-no rush I am keeping Dave fairly warm so far and I think they may try and get the left heater channel organised which should be OK.

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