Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Heater pipes

I notice Dave & Ray have put up some pictures of their handiwork.(see last post)
They were fiddling around for ages trying to get some of the heat produced by my engine to go into the cab. Hopefully you can see from the pics which is the view from under the rear seat. There is a length of aluminium stretchy pipe attached over the end pipe of the heat exchanger and fastened with plastic cable tie. This pipe is just over 3inches diameter and was purchased from Chastilian Motors in Crayford. Well actually it was free as it was the end of their stock. It was about 12 inches long but this stuff does stretch considerably, although you have to be careful as the aluminum can start to unwind. In the other end of this pipe, under the seat, a similar length of the stanadard VW aluminium hose, which I believe is 3inch diameter was fitted. The other end of this pipe fitted nicely over the pipe going into the heater channel. Although you cannot feel loads of heat coming out of the side vent it does have a noticeable effect on the overall warmth of the interior and I am much more comfortable to travel in now, so I hear.

The really important things to be done next are my oil leaks. My engine is, to say the least, a bit oily and drips when stationary after any trip, although I don't think it has ever been any different. Possibly more worrying is the leakage from the ATF system. It looks like one particular pipe from, or to, the ATF reservoir is very worn and oily looking and the "boys" think a lot of fluid is coming from there.

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