Monday, 23 June 2008

Dave's away

Dave went off to Paris Saturday morning as a birthday treat for his girlfriend Alison so Ray and I decided to do a few repairs. Ray collected me on Friday night and Saturday morning I took him to Volkspares to buy the spark plugs (see previous post).
The old spark plugs were removed reasonably easily and although they didn't look too bad I think the gap had changed. I say not too bad but one of them hadn't been tightened enough and was sooty black all over. After fiddling with the mixture control and tickover speed I was stiil not right and I wouldn't go into gear properly/easily. Ray cleaned the contacts in the gear lever and the contacts on the servo. The problem appeared to be solved and the clutch was moving in & out at the required movement on the gear lever. However driving me back to Dave's Sunday night my gears were very difficult to select again.
My two wipers are now fully functional although I am not hoping for rain!
Ray attempted to sort out the noisy speedo but with no luck. He had the bright idea of contacting Moby on the Volkszone forum and Moby kindly gave him instructions how to fix it. The boys will have a go at this and hopefully take some pictures to post in case anyone else has the same problem.


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