Saturday, 21 June 2008

Inflatio, what inflation?

Hi guys, hope you (and cars) are all well.
Me and Ray (OK, Ray and I) just got back from my local Volkspares with some plugs and a wiper blade for me.
Ray had a £10 note and plastic.
"Four plugs for a Beetle. please"
Out from the back came four Bosch WBAC (Super!). Ray wondered if it was the £10 note or the plastic that would be required.
"Oh, and have you got a wiper blade?"
"Eleven & a half inch?" He asked , producing some bubble wrapped non-descripts!
"I don't want them 'one fits all' type they never seem to work properly"
" I've got Bosch ones", he said diving out the back and producing Bosch T1 (Plus Super!,even)"
By now Ray had forgotten all about the tenner and was trying to remember his PIN.
After a couple of minutes playing the EPOS our friendly parts man said: "Ten pounds and a penny, please".
Ray picked himself up and gave him the tenner.
So if you want to do an Anthony Newley and "stop the world. I want to get off". -buy a Beetle!
Cheers all.

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