Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Oil for Type 1 Beetle

I see a lot of questions on Google about the type of engine oil to be used in old (careful!) Beetles. The boys tend to use Morris Straight 30 but now have started using a reasonable quality 20-40. When Ray used me as his primary transport some 28 years ago he tended to buy Duckhams 20-40 and this doesn't seem to have done me any harm. I know the oil is important in keeping me cool (in the temperature sense) but when I was first built there weren't all these fancy new oils about. I think it was a choice of Duckhams or Castrol (XL?) so I am sure you don't need to spend lot of extra money on the fancy brands. After all, oil is oil.
Note I am talking about in the UK here, I don,t know about any of them exotic locations. I have only been to France and I suppose Gertmany where I was born.

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